Accepted as Full Paper (17 Papers)

Paper ID Authors Title of the Paper
24 Enrico Eugenio and Agostino Cortesi WiFi-related energy consumption analysis of mobile devices in a walkable area by Abstract Interpretation
36 Sai Prasad P.S.V.S., Bala Subrahmanyam Hotha and Praveen Kumar Singh Scalable IQRA_IG Algorithm : An Iterative MapReduce Approach for Reduct Computation
37 Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini and Suvasini Panigrahi A Distributed Approach based on Hierarchical Scalar Leader Selection for Enhanced Event Coverage in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
42 Ak Singh and Navneet Goyal MalCrawler: A Crawler for Seeking and Crawling Malicious Websites
51 Srimoyee Bhattacherjee, Uttiya Sarkar, Sunirmal Khatua and Sarbani Roy PMM : A Novel Prediction based VM Migration Scheme in Cloud Computing
52 Sabitha S and Rajasree M S An Efficient Framework for Verifiable Access Control based Dynamic Data Updates in Public Cloud
58 Rishi Sharma, Ranu Vikram, Bala Prakasa Rao Killi and Seela Veerabhadreswara Rao CO2 Penalty and Disaster Aware Data Center and Service Placement for Cost Minimization
60 Sharmistha Mandal, Sunirmal Khatua and Rajib Das Bid Selection for Deadline Constrained Jobs over Spot VMs in Computational Cloud
65 Durjoy Dutta, Tandrima Dey and Sruti Gan Chaudhuri Gathering Multiple Robots in a Ring and an Infinite Grid
90 Sanjaya K. Panda and Prasanta K. Jana An Efficient Request-Based Virtual Machine Placement Algorithm for Cloud Computing
101 Swati Agarwal and Ashish Sureka A Collision of Beliefs: Investigating Linguistic Features for Religious Conflicts Identification on Tumblr
109 Jayalakshmi D S and Srinivasan R Simulation of MapReduce across Geographically Distributed Datacenters using CloudSim
118 Sharma Saravanan and Sameera Shaik Revamping the Frequency and Computational Time of RTOS Task – Power Dissipation
123 Naren N and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar Analyzing Protocol Security through Information-Flow Control
124 Naren N and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar Dynamic Labelling to Enforce Conformance of Cross Domain Security/Privacy Policies
127 Payal Chaudhari and Manik Lal Das Privacy Preserving Signcryption
128 Arjun Londhey and Manik Lal Das Efficient Image Authentication Scheme using Genetic Algorithm

Accepted as Poster (3 Posters)

Paper ID Authors Title of the Paper
29 Sayar Kumar Dey, Prerna Choudhary and Günter Fahrnberger Spying Mobrob - Innovative Mobile Number Tracking System
74 Saiyedul Islam, Sundar Balasubramaniam, Poonam Goyal, Mohit Sati and Navneet Goyal A Domain Specific Language for Clustering
76 Sayantani Saha, Tanusree Parbat and Sarmistha Neogy Designing A Secure Data Retrieval Strategy Using NoSQL Database