14 th


International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology

11th - 13th January 2018
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology , Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

ICDCIT-2018 Accepted Papers

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Review of Graph Processing Frameworks
Siddharth Bhatia and Rajiv Kumar

A Novel Driving Behavior Recognition Method Using Smartphone Sensors
Dangnhac Lu

Effect of Live Migation on Virtual Hadoop Cluster
Garima Singh and Dr. Anil Kumar Singh

Time-triggered Scheduling for Multiprocessor Mixed-criticality Systems
Lalatendu Behera and Purandar Bhaduri

Lightweight Verifiable Auditing Scheme for Outsourced Database in Cloud Computing
Mayank Kumar and Syam Kumar Pasupuleti

A new Priority heuristic policy in Mobile Distributed Real Time Database System
Prakash Kumar Singh and Udai Shanker

BDI based Performance Enhancement in DNSSEC
Ramesh Babu and Vineet Padmanabhan

Fast and Secure Handoffs for V2I communication in Smart City Wi-Fi Deployement
Pranav Kumar Singh, Subhrendu Chattopadhyay, Sukumar Nandi and Pradeepkumar Gajendra Bhale

GMP2P: Mobile P2P over GSM for efficient file sharing
Sumit Tetarave, Somanath Tripathy and R K Ghosh

Efficient Anomaly Detection Methodology for Power Saving in Massive IoT Architecture
Palani Kumar S P, Meenakshi D Souza and Debabrata Das

One Phase Priority Inheritance Commit Protocol
Sarvesh Pandey and Udai Shanker

Summarization of Real-world Event messages from Microblogs
Surender Samant and Aruna Malapati

Approximation Algorithms for Permanent Dominating Set Problem on Dynamic Networks
Subhrangsu Mandal and Arobinda Gupta

Hashing Supported Iterative MapReduce based SBE Reduct Computation
Venkata Divya Uppuluri and Sai Prasad P.S.V.S

Parallel algorithms for local density based anomaly detection
Ankita Sinha and Prasanta K. Jana

A Layered Approach to Fraud Analytics for NFC-Enabled Mobile Payment System
Pinki Vishwakarma, Amiya Kumar Tripathy and Srikanth Vemuru

A gateway virtual network function for InfiniBand and Ethernet networks
Utkal Sinha, Ratnakar Dash and Nandish Jayaram Kopri

Simulation of Network Growth using Community Discovery in Biological Networks
Divya Brahmani Y, Sobha Rani T. and Durga Bhavani S.

Performance Analysis of Parallel K-Means with optimization algorithms for clustering on Spark
Santhi Venkatraman and Rini Jose

Reliable Condition Monitoring of Telecommunication Services with Time-varying Load Characteristic
G√ľnter Fahrnberger

Adaptive Resource Management Model for workflow execution in clouds
Harshpreet Singh and Rajneesh Randhawa

Ego based community detection in online social network
Paramita Dey, Sarbani Roy and Sanjit Roy

Filsy Sebastian and Salim A

A Style Sheets Based Approach for Semantic Transformation of Web Pages
Sai Prasad Vrj Gollapudi, Venkatesh Choppella and Sridhar Chimalakonda

An enhanced blacklist method to detect phishing websites
Srinivasa Rao and Alwyn Pais

An Integrated Approach for Text Summarization
Amala Mary Paul and Salim A

Optimal Distributed Query Plan Generation Using Clonal Selection Approach
Ruby Rani

Issues and Challenges in Big Data: A Survey
Ripon Patgiri

Privacy Preserving Data Utility Mining Using Perturbation
Jisna Joseph K and Salim A

Secure Synthesis of IoT via Readers-Writers Flow Model
Shashank Khobragade, Naren N and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar

Security Analysis of EMV Protocol and Approaches for Strengthening it
Shrikrishna Khedkar, Naren N and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar

Auditing Access to Private Data on Android Platform
Vishal Maral and Manik Lal Das