9th February2011:
Industry Symposium

Organizer: Dr. Srini Ramaswamy, Industrial Software Systems, ABB Corporate Research, Bangalore, India

0900—0930 Registration

Invited Plenary Talk:   Dr. Ian Peake
[Distributed Software Engineering and Architecture Group, School of Computer Science and Information Technology and RMIT Platform Technology Research Institute, RMIT, Australia.

1030—1045 Tea Break

Industry-University Perspective: Mr. Daniel Balasubramanian
[Student of Dr. Gabor Karsai from Vanderbilt University) of the MS-FORMULA group, USA] (Reference: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/formula/)

1130 -- 1215

Industry / Defense Applications Perspective: Mr. David Threm
[Applications Development Manager, Defense Enterprise Applications, ITT Corporation, USA]

1215 – 1300 Academic Perspective: Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza:[IIIT, Bangalore]

Lunch Break

1400—1600 Parallel Break-out Sessions

Track 1
Software Engineering Practices
[Prof Meenakshi D’souza (IIIT-B), Dr. Anil Nair (ABB Co-Lead)
[Improving software engineering practices for the development of industrial-strength software systems]


Sustainable Software Architectures
Prof. Arun Somani, Iowa State University, ABB Co-Lead: Dr. Atul Kumar
[Developing sustainable software architectural frameworks for infrastructure support software systems]


Track 2
Enabling Effective HMI
Lead: Dr. Sanjay Tripathi (ABB), Co-Lead: Mr. Wagesh Kulkarni (ABB)
[Ensuring effective decision making support for humans that interact with these systems]


Developing Practicing Automation Engineers
Lead: Ganga Prasad (CDAC), ABB Co-Lead: Dr. Alpana Dubey
[Developing a sustainable pipeline for ensuring a steady and skilled employee recruitment base, addressing the gaps between the existing education model and current industry requirements]


Tea Break

9th February2011: ICDCIT 2011
1400 – 1500

Paper PresentationI
I: Sensor Networks (Paper Ids: 58, 123 & 165)

58:K Lakshmanan and Shalabh Bhatnagar. Smoothed functional and Quasi-Newton Algorithms for Routing in Multi­ stage Queueing Network with Constraints

123:B S Panda and Pushpa Raj Shetty D.. An incremental power greedy heuristic for strong minimum energy topology in wireless sensor networks

165:Manas Kumar Mishra and M. M. Gore. Robust and Distributed Range-Free Localization Using Anchor Nodes with Varying Communication Range for Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks


Paper PresentationII
II: Distributed Computing (Paper Ids: 93, 154 & 157)

93:Geetha V. and Sreenath N.. A Multi–Granular Lock Model for Distributed Object Oriented Databases using Semantics

154:Satyajit Banerjee, Atish Datta Chowdhury, Koushik Sinha and Subhas Kumar Ghosh. Contention Free Many-to-Many Communication Scheduling for High Performance Clusters

157:SHAHU CHATRAPATI KAILA, UJWALA REKHA JINUGU and Dr.VINAYA BABU A. Recursive Competitive Equilibrium Approach for Dynamic Load Balancing a Distributed System

1600 – 1620

Tea Break

1620 – 1720

Invited Lecture: Scribbling Interactions with a Formal Foundation

Kohei Honda, Queen Mary & Westfield College, UK.

10thFebruary2011: ICDCIT 2011
0900 – 0930


0930 – 1010

Paper Presentations III              
III: Security (Paper Ids: 88 & 139)

88:Qussai Yaseen and Brajendra Panda. Enhanced Insider Threat Detection Model that Increases Data Availability

139:Valli Kumari V., Sandeep Varma, Sri Krishna Adusumalli and Vsvn Raju K . Checking Anonymity levels for Anonymized Data

1015 – 1115

Invited Lecture: Protecting Critical Infrastructures While Preserving Each Organization's Autonomy

Yves Deswarte, LAAS-CNRS, France

1115 – 1130 Tea Break
1130 – 1230

Paper Presentations IV
IV: Internet Technologies and Applications (Paper Ids: 32, 33 & 122)

32:PARIMALA N and Anu Saini. Decision Support Web Service

33:Ionut Rosoiu and Crivat Teodor. MarlinDB - A high speed, distributed database

122:Ramanujam Ramaswamy and Sheerazuddin Shamimuddin. Temporal Specifications for Services with Unboundedly Many Active Clients

1230 – 1310

Parallel Tracks: Paper Presentations V & VI
V : Security (Paper Ids: 19 & 161)

19:Jhansi Rani P, Sambasiva Rao M and Durga Bhavani. S. Design and Analysis of a Secure Chaotic Hash Function

161:Shatheesh Sam I and Bhuvaneswaran R. S. Chaos Based Image Encryption Scheme Based on Enhanced Logistic Map

VI: Sensor Networks (Paper Ids: 125 & 131)

125:Girish Patnaik and Manoj Gore. A Message Oriented Cross-correlation based Trustworthy Path Discovery in MANET

131:Prabhat Kiran and S. V. Rao. Order Geometric Spanners for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

1310 – 1400 Lunch Break
1400 – 1500

Paper Presentations VII
VII: Distributed Computing (Paper Ids: 55, 64 & 175)

55:Xiaoxin Wu, Zhiming Shen, Ryan Wu and Yunfeng Lin. Jump-start Cloud: Efficient Deployment Framework for Large-Scale Cloud Applications

64:Alexaandra Anghelescu, Bhavanandan Rathinasamy, srini Ramaswamy and Kenji Yoshigoe. Capacity Estimation in HPC Systems: Simulation Approach

175:Riyaz Haque, Vivek Sarkar and David Peixotto. CnC-Hadoop: a Graphical Coordination Language for Distributed Multiscale Parallelism

1500 – 1600

Invited Lecture : Computations and Interaction

Jos Baeten, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

1600 – 1615 Tea Break
1615 – 1715

Invited Lecture : Open Government in Policy Development: From Collaborative Scenario Texts to Formal Policy Models

Maria Wimmer, University of Koblenz, Germany

1730 – 1830 Inauguration of ICDCIT 2011             : By Founder KIIT & KISS
1830 – 1930 Cultural Program                                : By KISS & KIIT Students
1930 – 2100

Conference Dinner

11thFebruary2011: ICDCIT 2011
0900 – 1030 Tutorial           : Maria Wimmer
1030 – 1045 Tea Break
1045 – 1145 Tutorial           : Maria Wimmer
1145 – 1215 Discussion Session
1215 – 1315 Lunch Break

1330 – 2100

Excursion to KONARK
12thFebruary2011 ICDCIT 2011
0900 – 0930


0930 – 1010

Paper Presentations VIII 
VIII: Bio-Inspired Computing (Paper Ids: 91 & 148)

91:Lakshmanan Kuppusamy, Anand Mahendran and Krishna Shankara Narayanan. Matrix Insertion-Deletion Systems for Bio-Molecular Structures

148:S. Mini, Siba K Udgata and Samrat Sabat. Artificial Bee Colony based Sensor Deployment Algorithm for Target Coverage Problem in 3-D Terrain

1015 – 1115

Invited Talk:An Overview of Membrane Computing

Krishna S., IIT Bombay, India

1115 – 1130

Tea Break

1130 – 1210

Paper Presentations IX
IX: Internet Technologies & Applications (Paper Ids: 13 & 179)

13:Hrushikesha Mohanty. Socially Responsive Resource Usage: A Protocol

179:Chinmaya Misra and Prasanta Kumar Swain. An Automated HSV Based Text Tracking System from Complex Color Video

1215 – 1315

Invited Talk : Linear Process Algebra

Vaughan Pratt, Stanford University, USA

1300 – 1400

Lunch Break

12thFebruary2011: STUDENT SYMPOSIUM 2011
1400 – 1530

Track S1
S1: Symposium Paper Presentation

1530 – 1545

Tea Break

1545 -- 1715

Track S2
S2: Symposium Paper Presentation

1715 – 1745

Closing of ICDCIT 2011

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