International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology
10th – 13th January 2019
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

  1. Srilekha Mukherjee and Goutam Sanyal. Extended Power Modulus Scrambling (PMS) Based Image Steganography with Bit Mapping Insertion
  2. Pranav Kumar Singh, Prateek Vij, Arpan Vyas, Sunit Kumar Nandi and Sukumar Nandi. Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Mechanism for Efficient and Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity
  3. Krishan Kumar Sethi, Ramesh Dharavath and M. Sreenu. Parallel High Average-utility Itemset Mining Using Better Search Space Division Approach
  4. Indrajeet Gupta, Shivangi Gupta, Anubhav Choudhary and Prasanta Kumar Jana. A Hybrid Meta-heuristic Approach for Load Balanced Workflow Scheduling in IaaS Cloud
  5. Varad Deshpande and Debasis Das. Efficient Searching Over Encrypted Database: Methodology and Algorithms
  6. Ruchi Kachhia, Prachi Agrawal and Manik Lal Das. Tag-Reader Authentication System Guarded by Negative Identifier Filtering and Distance Bounding
  7. Pratik Shrivastava and Udai Shanker. Supporting Transaction Predictability in Replicated DRTDBS
  8. Ajay Kshemkalyani and Bhargav Voleti. On the Growth of the Prime Numbers Based Encoded Vector Clock
  9. Julian Szymanski and Jerzy Dembski. Towards Bees Detection on Images: Study of Different Color Models for Neural Networks
  10. Ishrath Unissa, Syed Jalal Ahmad and P. Radha Krishna. Improved Visible Light Communication Using Code Shift Keying Modulation
  11. Ankur Sharma and S. Durga Bhavani. A Network Formation Model for Collaboration Networks
  12. Shravani Patil and B. R. Purushothama. RSA-based Collusion Resistant Quorum Controlled Proxy re-encryption Scheme for Distributed Secure Communication
  13. Abhinav Tomar and Prasanta Kumar Jana. Mobile Charging of Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things: A Multi-Attribute Decision Making Approach
  14. Abhaya Kumar Pradhan, Hrushikesha Mohanty and Rajendra Prasad Lal. Event Detection and Aspects in Twitter: A BoW Approach
  15. Gaurav Kumar and N. Parimala. A Sensitivity Analysis on Weight Sum Method MCDM Approach for Product Recommendation
  16. Pranav Kumar Singh, Anish V. Monsy, Rajan Garg, Sukanta Dey and Sukumar Nandi. JSpongeGen: A Pseudo Random Generator for Low Resource Devices
  17. Benoit Razet, Luke Owens, Theodore Tanner and Bryan Smith. Inter-Family Communication in Hyperledger Sawtooth and its Application to a Crypto-Asset Framework

Short Papers

  1. Sabuzima Nayak and Ripon Patgiri. Dr. Hadoop: In Search of a Needle in a Haystack
  2. Ripon Patgiri, Hemanth Katari, Ronit Kumar and Dheeraj Sharma. Empirical study on Malicious URL Detection Using Machine Learning
  3. Yuting Zhu, Liang Qian, Chuyan Wang, Lianghui Ding and Feng Yang. Research on CNN Parallel Computing and Learning Architecture Based on Real-Time Streaming Architecture
  4. Wang Wei, Qian Liang, Wu Guanyu, Ding Lianghui and Yang Feng. Data Scheduling and Resource Optimization for Fog Computing Architecture in Industrial IoT
  5. Madhu Sudan Kumar, Indrajeet Gupta and Prasanta Kumar Jana. Duplication based Budget Effective Workflow Scheduling for Cloud Computing
  6. Rajesh Shrivastava, Bazila Bashir and Chittaranjan Hota. Attack Detection and Forensics Using Honeypot in IoT Environment
  7. Aditi, Rasita Pai and S. Mini. Optimization of Transmission Range for a Fault Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network
  8. Rajendra Kumar Roul, Samarth Merhotra, Yash Pungaliya and Jajati Keshari Sahoo. A New Automatic Multi-Document Text Summarization Using Topic Modeling
  9. Bhumika Kalavadia, Tarushi Bhatia, Trupti Padiya, Ami Pandat and Minal Bhise. Adaptive Partitioning Using Partial Replication for Sensor Data
  10. Laxmi Chaudhary and Buddha Singh. Community Detection Using an Enhanced Louvain Method in Complex Networks
  11. Ramasamy Mariappan. Design and Implementation of Cognitive Radio Sensor Network for Emergency Communication Using Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform Technique
  12. Sandeep Bavkar, Brijesh Iyer and Shankar Deosarkar. Detection of Alcoholism: An EEG Hybrid Features & Ensemble Subspace k-NN Based Approach
  13. Debasis Das. A Fast Handoff Algorithm for Wireless Mobile Networks