5th Industry Symposium 2015

Call for Participation


Big Data, as the title indicates, is of enormous size of data that has never been thought of during the ages of Database Management Systems though that has been ruling with success in dealing with data todate. Though, size matters still other factors like data heterogeneity, generation and online assessment are of much interest today. Immense availability of data, offers gold mine of information and this can be used to design and delivery of services to right users with right interest. This envisages paradigm shift in business world that poises to take a big leap on ecommerce, egovernance , elearning and many such applications at world of Internet.

The scope of data processing is quite widened than that of relational databases, we have till now. The framework of relational databases no more provides an appropriate solution in handling Big Data and making it available to users scattered around the globe. The study of Big Data covers a wide range of issues including management of heterogeneous data, frameworks for Big Data management, change management, finding patterns in data usage and evolution, data as a service, application as a service, service management, privacy and security and real-time engines for Big Data processing.

The 5th Industry Symposium proposes a discussion on emergent issues including the following:

  • Big Data Management and Frameworks
  • Big Data Processing Algorithms
  • Big Data Search and mining
  • Security and Privacy of Big Data
  • Big Data Services and SLAs
  • Applications of Big Data Analytics


The speakers who have agreed to deliver their talks on the above topics are:

  • Ramesh Bhashyam, Teradata Corporation
  • Hareesh Boinepelli, Teradata Corporation
  • Raoul Jetley , ABB Corporation
  • P. Radha Krishna, Infosys Lab
  • Nitin Maslekar , NEC Labs
  • Hrushikesha Mohanty, University of Hyderabad
  • Srini Ramaswamy, Symphony Plus Engineering
  • Sithu D Sudarsan, ABB Corporation
  • Venkata Swamy, Walmart Research
  • Supriya Vadi, University of Hyderabad


Springer has agreed to publish the proceedings of the symposium in Big Data Book Series.

Students and researchers interested in this area are invited for participation on prior registration.


Contact us: pbhuyanfcs@kiit.ac.in